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6th IROAST Symposium:

1st PanPacific Reverse Monte Carlo Conference

1st PanPacific Reverse Monte Carlo conference

Kumamoto University, Kumamoto, Japan

20-21 February 2020



Prof. Shinya HOSOKAWA (Chairman), Department of Physics, Kumamoto University

Prof. László PUSZTAI* (Co-chairman), International Research Organisation for Advanced Science and Technology (IROAST) Kumamoto University

(*Also at: Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Budapest, Hungary)

Main sponsor: IROAST, Kumamoto University

This upcoming meeting in Japan is intended as a follow-up to the latest (the 7th) ‘regular’ Reverse Monte Carlo conference, held in Budapest in September 2018.

We hope that as many of you will come as you were there last September in Hungary —



Anything related to RMC (even remotely):

  • Structure of liquids and amorphous materials;
  • Interpretation of powder diffraction data for crystals;
  • Software development: new computer codes (RMC, EPSR, PFGui, etc…);
  • Extending the applications of RMC: modelling small angle scattering, reflectometry, inelastic scattering, EXAFS, NMR, etc…
  • Etc…

FOCUS of the upcoming meeting:

Problems, pitfalls, difficulties, irregularities, missing features...

…while using RMC (and /or related methods).

Naturally, this is only a mild suggestion concerning your presentations, not a (very) strict requirement.

This is going to be a short conference, imagined primarily for interested researchers living in countries around the Pacific Rim (i.e., far from Central Europe) — but of course, participants from other parts of the world would be welcome to come to Kumamoto University in 5 months’ time!

Quite a few speakers have already confirmed, including David Keen (ISIS/Oxford University, UK), Andrew Goodwin (Oxford University, UK), Martin Dove (Queen Mary University of London, UK), Matt Tucker (SNS Oak Ridge, USA), Alexei Kuzmin (University of Latvia), Shinji Kohara (NIMS, Japan), Hiroko Yokota (Chiba University, Japan), Pál Jóvári and László Temleitner (Wigner RCP, Budapest, Hungary). There will be ample slots for oral contributions, and a poster session will also be organized.

It is also decided already at this stage that there WILL BE a ‘proceedings volume’ (in the form of a special issue of an, at the moment, unspecified scientific periodical).

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1st PanPacific RMC
S. Hosokawa, Department of Physics, Kumamamoto University
L. Pusztai, IROAST, Kumamoto University

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