Information for overseas participants

  • How to reach Kumamoto?
    • Fly to Aso-Kumamoto Aiport (KMJ), from Tokyo, Osaka or Nagoya. From Tokyo, most flights are form Haneda Airport (NHD), whereas many international flights arrive at Narita International Airport (NRT) — be aware, you need ca. 2 hours of TRAVEL TIME between the two ariports, so ca. 4 hours is the safe interval between landing at NRT and take-off from HND. See the KMJ webpages as to how to reach central Kumamoto from the airport; the aiport limusine bus is quite frequent, takes about 50 minutes and costs about 7 EUR one way (tickets must be bought in advance, in the terminal building!). (For the more adventurous, there are some ‘no-frill’ flights from the South Korean capital, Seoul-Incheon Airport, to Kumamoto.)
    • Fly to Fukuoka Aiport (FUK). Quite a few international flights land here, and connections are available to virtually every domestic aiport in Japan. From FUK, there is an hourly highway bus to Kumamoto (2hrs, price: ca. 20 EUR one way) that may well drop you off in front of your hotel in central Kumamoto (for the city centre, get off at ‘Toricho-suji’). (Again, tickets must be bought in advance, in the terminal building!)
    • Take the Shinkansen from many Japanese cities! With the Japan Rail Pass (to be bought before you enter Japan!), you may reach Kumamoto from Tokyo in about 6 hours (1300 km-s!). The price of the JR Pass, valid for unlimited travel for one week, is about 260 EUR, whereas a single (shinkansen) ticket from Tokyo Narita Airport to Kumamoto (nearly 1400 km-s, 7 hours) costs about the same…
  • How to use the public transport in Kumamoto?
    • This is useful page for a detailed description of transport possibilities within inner Kumamoto.
    • For reaching the university, you will need to use ‘normal’ public buses (see ‘Access Kumamoto University‘). The same procedure applies everywhere in Japan for city/village buses: (1) you board the bus at the rear door, (2) take a number (printed on a small piece of paper) from the machine on your right, and (3) you pay the exact amount (within Kumamoto, between 150 and 400 yen (ca. 1.3 and 3 EUR) by coins at the driver when getting off. The amount you need to pay is shown on a display, located in front (next to/above the driver), next to number that is written on the slip that you took when boarning the bus. (As I read this, it’s probably simpler to by one of the pre-paid cards mentioned in the previous paragraph…) Here is detailed description on how to use buses in Japan.

Any questions concerning travel to/in Kumamoto?

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