The latest version of the conference programme can be accessed HERE.


Invited speakers confirmed (as of 01 March 2020, ‘post-conference’):

  • Martin Dove (Queen Mary University of London, UK): RMC studies of orientational disorder in molecular crystals from neutron scattering data Abstractdove-talk
  • Andrew Goodwin (Oxford University, UK): (R)MC analysis of 3D diffuse scattering: opportunities and challenges Abstract goodwin-talk
  • Pál Jóvári (Wigner Research Centre, Hungary): Difficulties in structure determination of metallic glasses: the case of Pd40Ni40P20 Abstract Jovari-talk
  • David Keen (STFC ISIS and Oxford University, UK): Thirty-two years of reverse Monte Carlo (RMC): An introduction and discussion of current practice Keen-title-page
  • Shinji Kohara (NIMS, Japan): Understanding diffraction patterns of disordered materials via persistent homology analyses AbstractKohara-talk
  • Alexei Kuzmin (University of Latvia): X-ray absorption spectroscopy of functional materials, aided by atomistic simulations Abstract Kuzmin-talk
  • László Temleitner (Wigner Research Centre, Hungary): Atomistic modeling of disorder in crystalline systems using the RMCPOW method Abstract Teml-talk
  • Matt Tucker (SNS Oak Ridge, Oak Ridge (TN),USA): RMCProfile: RMC for disordered crystalline materials – Difficulties and solutions Abstract Tucker-talk
  • Hiroko Yokota (Chiba University, Japan): Combined local and average structural analysis on piezoelectric PbZr(1-x)TixO3 Yoko-talk

Apart from the longer invited presentations, there was time for at least 15(-20, perhaps) contributed talks.


Contributing speakers (as of 01 March 2020, ‘post-conference’):

  • Imre Bakó (Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Hungary): Uncertainty in evaluating results of neutron diffraction experiments with isotopic substitution Abstract Bako-talk
  • Johnathan Bulled (University of Oxford, UK): Refinement of Nuclear Diffuse Scattering from Short Range Order in Frustrated Binary Alloys using a Heavily Confined RMC approach Abstract Bulled-talk
  • Sinya Hosokawa (Kumamoto University, Japan): Local structures of chalcogenide glasses investigated by anomalous x-ray scattering and reverse Monte Carlo modeling  Hoso-talk
  • Fabio Iesari (Saga Light Source, Japan): Analysis of EXAFS by RMC and Sparse Modeling Abstract Iesari-talk
  • Masanori Inui (Hiroshima University): Large and Small Angle X-ray Scattering Measurements for fluid Se at high temperatures and high pressures and reverse Monte Carlo modeling Abstract Inui-talk
  • Akihide Koura (Kumamoto University): Ab initio molecular dynamics study of the structure of amorphous Mg-Zn-Y alloy IMG_2304
  • Yukinobu Kawakita (J-PARC, Japan): Time-space correlation function of liquid metals from coherent quasi-elastic neutron scattering Kawa-talk
  • Benjamin Klee (Marburg University, Germany): Molecular Reverse Monte-Carlo Simulations on Amorphous White-Light Emitting Materials Klee-talk
  • Robert McGreevy (ISIS, STFC, UK): Imaging <–> Modelling Abstract McGre-talk
  • Yohei Onodera (Kyoto University, Japan): Extraction of structural features for mixed alkali effect in silicate glass Abstract Ono-talk
  • Wolf-Christian Pilgrim (Marburg University, Germany): A new highly efficient amorphous molecular white light emitter Abstract IMG_2113
  • Szilvia Pothoczki (Wigner Research Centre, Hungary): Limitations of fixed neighbour constraints Abstract Pothoczki-talk
  • László Pusztai (Kumamoto University, Japan & Wigner Research Centre, Hungary): Consistency checks between results of computer simulations and diffraction experiments Abstract Pusz-talk
  • Ella Schmidt (Oxford University, UK): Exploring possibilities for RMC modelling for single crystal diffuse scattering in molecular materials Abstract schmidt-talk
  • Jens Stellhorn (Hiroshima University, Japan): RMC modeling of the exotic phase change material Cu2GeTe3 Abstract Stell-talk
  • Philip Welch (Oxford University, UK): Using reverse and direct Monte Carlo to study frustration effects in triangular Ising antiferromagnets Welch-talk
  • Osamu Yamamuro (Tokyo University, Japan): Glass transition of simple molecular liquids and related local structural development studied by X-ray diffraction Abstract Yama-talk


And of course, there was a poster session, as well, following the talks on Thursday (20.02.2020)

Poster presentations (as of 17 February 2020):

  • Seiya Kato (Hiroshima University, Japan): X-ray absorption spectroscopy of BaTiO3 under electric fields and Reverse Monte Carlo modeling
  • Hiroyuki Kumazoe (Kumamoto University): Analyzing microscopic structure for extended X-ray absorption fine structures by sparse modeling
  • Yuki Mizuno (Tokyo Univesity): Structures of glassy and liquid propane and propene
  • Yuta Shuseki (Tokyo University of Science):  Evaluation of Sr2+ removability of amorphous calcium carbonate
  • Yuansheng Zhao (Tokyo University): X-ray diffraction study of liquid and glassy toluene poster-1





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